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  • Wine Label
Wine Label

Wine Label

  • Printint Type:Offset Printing, silk-screen printing, relief printing
  • Surface Disposal:Foil Stamping, UV
  • Material:Coated Paper,Art Paper, Classical White/Cream/Embossing Paper
  • Color:CMYK, Pantone
  • Dimension:Customized
  • OEM:Yes
  • MOQ:1000 pieces
  • Sample Lead Time:3-5 days
  • Mass Production Lead Time:5-9 days
  • Delivery:by DHL/FEDEX/TNT/UPS, by air, by container
  • Online Inquiry
Customize Wine Label

Wine label is the identity of the wine, describing important information of this bottle of wine.

Adhesive label is widely used for wine labels due to the following advantages.

1. A variety of face material selection
Coated paper, art paper, various special paper with different color and texture and plastic film can be used to make wine labels, providing a wider range of label creative spaces for wineries and design companies. Hangzhou fullpack can offer you various face materials for your choice, for example,art paper wine label, special paper wine label, coated paper wine label, etc.

2. M
ore attractive shelf effects
Plenty of commodities being displayed on shelves, various labels of those are trying to attract customers. The customers just have short time visual contact with displayed goods. However, the adhesive label can break the rectangular design limits of traditional labels and its irregular shape will definitely make itself outstanding, inspiring consumers to pay attention to it and impulses of buying.

3. Combination of multi-printing and post-press treatment, enhance the artistic expression of the wine label
Labeling machine offset printing, silk-screen printing, cold/hot stamping, spot UV and other treatment can be applied on the label, achieving a variety of complex effects. Check the effects of printing and post-press, see this gold foil stamping wine label.

4. More convenient and clean labeling process
For adhesive labeling, it takes less than 10 minutes to change different shape of labels.
For labeling pressure-sensitive stickers, the operator does not consider the coating speed of wet glue labeling, so the operation of labeling is more convenient and faster.

5. High Productivity
Self-adhesive labels usually adopt the rotary printing method, which can realize a variety of combined operations, allowing multiple processes to be completed at one time, such as printing, foil stamping, embossing, die cutting, waste disposal, etc. The way is very convenient.

6. Excellent water and moisture resistance
Red wine storage environment requires low temperature and humidity, which is a severe requrest for general paper labels.
Hangzhou fullpack can provide a variety of face materials for adhesive wine labels. Those face materials can pass ice bucket test and have strong water resistance feature.
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