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various types of paper bag

There are various types of paper material for fabricating personalized printing paper bags.
major paper material: white cardboard, coated paper,grey paper board(one side white, one side grey), brown craft paper, white craft paper, black cardboard, special paper, etc.


1. White cardboard paper bag
White cardboard paper is a high quality paper, smooth, rigid, resistant and white. It is very suitable for CMKY offset printing or more PMS color printing on the surface.210-300 gsm cardboard paper is used to make paper bags.230gsm paper is used mostly.

China luxe personalized paper bag

2. Coated paper bag
Coated paper is very flat and smooth on the surface, with high whiteness and good gloss. The printed graphics looks quite bright and colorful on coated paper. It is not less rigid than white cardboard. We normally use 128-300gsm paper to fabricate paper bags.


3. Craft paper bag
Craft paper is made of 100% pure wood pulp, of high breakage resistance, good toughness and high strength. There are mainly two types of craft paper, brown color and white color craft paper.

As the craft paper is eco-friendly and recyclable, it is widely used to make garment bags, luxe gift bags and retail shopping bags. White craft paper is bleached, more and more developing countries choose high-end paper bags made of white craft paper in stead of white cardboard. Lamination is not necessary for white craft paper bag. Full color printing is workable for white cardboard, while for white craft paper not quite necessary. A single color printed logo, foiled logo or small size CMYK printing graphic is feasible for white craft paper bag.

Brown craft paper is also called natural or original color craft paper. Because of its brown color, full four color or PMS color printing do not have good effect on this paper. Single black color printing is widely adopted, a printed logo or picture could highlight the brand well.

 China craft paper bag

4. Grey paper board (one side grey, one wide white)
Grey paper board is a very economic paper material, price is lower than white cardboard. On the white color side, CMYK or PMS color could be offset printed. On the grey side, there is no need to do any treatment.


5. Black cardboard
Black cardboard is a kind of special paper, while it is also widely used to make paper bags. Because of its black color, it is not feasible for color offset printing or UV printing. Foil stamping logo is great method to express the logo or graphic on black cardboard paper bag.


6. Various kind of special paper
We have excellent paper suppliers who can provide different kind of special paper, with a wide range of colors and surface. For client
s order of special paper bag, we will recommend similar paper to client and send paper sample before confirming the order. Printing and surface treatment vary according to the features of paper itself.

Hangzhou Fullpack can produce a wide array of personalized logo paper bags. You are welcome to contact or visit us for paper bag solutions.

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